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Vanessa Lau – Quit her corporate job, 2 years later making $200,000 per month in sales

Vanessa Lau quit her 9-5 job 2 years ago and started her own business. In 2 years she scaled her sales to $200,000 per month. She has an insightful youtube channel and podcast. I would recommend you at least download her podcast (castbox) as it’s packed full of useful advice.

Vanessa started a business providing a training programme to coaches to help them scale and grow their business by leveraging social media. Vanessa says at the start she had little confidence in her marketing ability so she initially started working one on one with people for free. Working for free with people had a number of benefits.

First, it showed her she was good at marketing through social media as she was able to get results for her initial clients. It also allowed her to fully understand her clients needs better which enabled her to create a much better course. She advices it’s a bad idea to jump straight into designing a learning programme. She suggests it’s much better to work one one one with clients for free and ensure you are able to get them results before you start designing a course. Finally, by working for free it enabled her to get testimonials for her website which helped her sell her product.

Through her youtube channel and podcast Vanessa shares her experiences and insights from her journey from working 9-5 to being a successful entrepreneur. The added benefit is Vanessa use to work in communications. Her presentation skills and ability to convey her message is very professional and concise.

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