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The Life Coach – Declan Grant

My business is a life and sports coaching business

I have a background in working for the healthcare service working with people with physical and sensory impairments, menta health and autism. I then moved in to marketing and studied for my degree in computer science and a diploma in social media for business. However; I returned to studies and graduated with a diploma in Life Coaching and Mentoring and a diploma in sports psychology. I am currently studying NLP.

Declan started his business because he wanted to work at what he is passionate about and have that little bit more freedom to work flexible hours.

He came up with the idea of starting his own business when he was studying, Life Coaching was really big in America and he knew eventually it would generate popularity over here in Ireland, so he went back to my studies and decided on the areas that he would coach in and here he is today.

He got his first customers by being asked to facilitate some students on the course after he completed my studies and from that it was word of mouth.

When we asked how he funded his business “I was lucky I did not have too many set up costs, so I self-funded my website and branding. I just need to invest more in marketing and I invest money back in to the business at the moment as clients come on board.”

In order to grow his business Declan has relied on word of mouth and networking so far, but in 2021 he will invest more in marketing.

Software & Tools

We asked what software or tools would you recommend to others.

I would first of all recommend hiring a good accountant because it is challenging doing everything on your own. Your website is your first marketing tool, so invest time in SEO. I think with the power of social media today, ads work great for a lot of businesses. I also think if you can automate customer replies, booking systems through your website, this works really well as a marketing tool.

Customer Comments

“I approached Declan for coaching as I had a burning desire inside of me to go back to kickboxing competition but something inside of me was stopping this from happening. I couldn’t get over my last loss. My confidence was shot and it was affecting my life both personally and professionally. After our first session I felt the change immediately. Declan gets you to find the answers within yourself and guides you along with a very caring approach. Declan you have done wonders for me and I am so appreciative of everything you have helped me accomplish. Would highly recommend anyone who is looking for that little extra push in the right direction to come speak with Declan, he has all the tools to help you achieve.”
S Barrett

“My name is Fiona, I am a business owner. By chance I met Declan and he became my life coach and a really good one at that. My challenge was to get my business off the ground as it has introduced new services and products and how do I get the message out there about what my business has to offer. He really did make me think about myself as my real block was confidence, Declan turned this around 360 so I could go out and get it. I have gone on to achieve success for my business and most of all happiness in myself.”
Declan coached me in a way that motivated me to taking action. Sometimes you just have to ask for help and Declan delivered.
F Feeney

Last Piece of Advice

Do plenty of research, get your timing right before you transition from fulltime work to being your own boss, seek plenty of advice and don’t be afraid to fail and learn.


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