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The pain of trying to find a .com for your business

Trying to find a .com domain for your business is one of the most painful and frustrating experiences you’ll go through. Because they are so cheap a number of people are buying them in the hope that someone, some day, will want it bad enough they will be willing to pay thousands to get it.

Luckily there is a very useful domain name generator tool called which is completely free to use. 

Simply enter in a keyword or phrase and it will generate suggestions for you based on which domains are available. 

This is how I found I wanted to create a website which introduces business owners to software and tools to make their lives easier.  

I started by typing in “soft” and in the column labelled “SEO” I saw “” was available. 

If you are starting a business which has global reach you will most probably want to get a .com domain for your business. If you’ve hit a roadblock in finding a domain name for your business try

(Sometimes the website can act odd. Just keep scrolling down until results start appearing)



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