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domingo, novembro 28, 2021
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5 tips to improve your facebook advertising spend

I hope you find these tips useful and it helps you boost your sales or reduce your advertising spend.It is a difficult time for...

Jobiri – Leaving a full time job to be a social entrepreneur

I had the opportunity to speak with Claudio Sponchioni, CEO of Jobiri. Jobiri is an online platform who provides services to job seekers, education...

Getting your first clients

Getting your first clients can be the hardest. Often people who start a business have years of experience providing a high quality service or...

How to target your competitor’s customers on facebook

If you are considering advertising on facebook a good place to start would be people who have shown an interest in the type of...

How service providers can boost sales with email marketing

It can be a very frustrating experience providing a high quality service and not understanding how to find customers. There are many different channels...

Importance of getting recommendations

It is estimated that 95% of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase. In research conducted, reviews are more important for more expensive...

Boost Sales Through Partnerships

If you are a new business it can often take time to start finding customers. One way to boost your sales is to find...
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