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domingo, novembro 28, 2021
Home Entrepreneurship #14 - Wendy Merrigan - SME Accountant

#14 – Wendy Merrigan – SME Accountant

#14 - Wendy Merrigan - SME Accountant

In this podcast we spoke to Wendy Merrigan who is an accountant based in Dublin. Wendy shares how she started her business and how she is finding new clients. 

Wendy provides accounting, bookkeeping and tax services. She also provides advisory services focused on business growth and profit.

Her website is https://wmco.ie and customer comments about her service are at the end of the podcast.


  1. Wave – Accounting
  2. Minutedock – Time Recording to focus on high value activities
  3. Instagram – Finding clients
  4. Receipt Bank (Now Dext) – Tracking Expenses


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