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Importance of getting recommendations

It is estimated that 95% of online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase. In research conducted, reviews are more important for more expensive products. Regardless of what product (includes services) you provide to the market, you should always ask for recommendations. The more expensive your product the more critical it is you get recommendations from your customers. 

The ideal recommendation is a video recommendation shared on social media which you also have permission to share on your website for potential customers to see. However, generally most people are not willing to go on camera so text and an image is also very useful.

The type of product you are selling will determine which platform is best. For consumer products, customers sharing their experience on facebook and instagram would be preferred. For business products sharing recommendations on Linkedin would be the better option. 

Most people are not going to give a recommendation to their friends or colleagues unless they are happy with the service. Anyone seeing their recommendation will also knows this. People are more willing to buy from a recommendation from someone they know and trust rather than through paid advertising. 

The final benefit from getting recommendations is the fact it doesn’t cost you anything and is far more effective than any paid advertising. 


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