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How to target your competitor’s customers on facebook

If you are considering advertising on facebook a good place to start would be people who have shown an interest in the type of product you are selling. Using facebook targeting you can target people who like a competitor’s facebook page. This works really well for new entrants into the market who have a superior product or when a competitors customers are very unhappy with the current product they are using.

In our email we will use two competitors providing email marketing tools, Mailchimp and activecampaign.

Login to facebook business manager and click on audiences

Click on create an audience and select saved audience

Scroll down to detailed targeting and type in your competitors name. Make sure it says “Interests” on the right.

When some of your competitors log on to facebook you can then show them your ad. This strategy really only works when your competitors customers are unhappy with the product or your products is vastly superior.


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