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How to get a logo for your business for €45.46

If you are considering starting a business one of the first things you’ll need to decide on is your logo. One piece of advice is not to waste too much time and money on your business name or first logo. Be careful when hiring graphic designers. One designer told me the success or failure of my business depends on my branding. He also went on further to say he could spend a month designing a logo. When your business is successful you can change your branding at any time. Some of the world’s biggest brands today where once called Backrub (Google), Brad’s Drink (Pepsi) and Blue Ribbon Sports (Nike). (ref)

One of the first things you will need to do is to find 3 logos that you like to give the designer an idea of the logo you are trying to create. This stage can take sometime, websites such as Google image search and pinterest can be very helpful. Also make sure you’re aware of the basics of colour (6 min video) and typography (6 min video) as most designers will create what you ask for which may go against some basic principles. eg using a comic font for professional services.

When you have a clear idea of what you want you can find a designer on We have used fiverr to hire a voiceover artist from Ireland. We were very happy with what was produced but we didn’t like the hidden fees. For example, we had to pay an additional fee of €12.98 to get the rights to use the voice over commercially. Given that 99.99% of voiceovers are used for commercial purposes this seemed very disingenuous. Also the initial fee displayed excludes a service fee of less than €3.

But overall we would recommend their service for small projects such as logos and voiceovers. We were happy with the work produced but just be aware of any hidden fees. The initial fee you see will not be the final fee you pay. Just make sure you go through all the steps to get the final price.

We searched on for logo designers. A designer with a rating out of 5 of 4.9 and 974 reviews costs €45.46 in total. However, this doesn’t include the source file so it will be difficult for another designer to make any changes in the future.


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