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Getting advice from the right people

It can be difficult to get impartial advice. In a number of circumstances when you need advice you end up meeting someone who is trying to sell you something. You need to be very aware if the person giving you advice is going to benefit in any way. For example, a number of clients I have spoken to were advised to set up a limited company by their accountants. Looking at their business it made no sense to set up a limited company. The only benefit was derived by the accountant who charged higher fees from company accounts compared to a sole trader. 

How to get advice

One of the things I like about how the world works is people who are good at what they do love to talk about it. There is also the added benefit if you live in Ireland. Irish people by their nature like to help others in need. 

When I was starting my entrepreneurial journey I had zero sales experience. I went on to Linkedin and messaged 5 random people. It was a very simple message. “I’m young, I’d like to start my own business but I have no sales experience. Can I meet you for a coffee to get your advice?”

One person replied, I met him in Jurys hotel (now the Hilton) and he talked for over an hour providing me with an abundance of advice for the price of a cup of coffee. 


If you are stuck in a particular aspect don’t be afraid to network and seek advice from the entrepreneurial community. Get advice from business owners, from people who aren’t trying to sell you something. Linkedin is a great platform for this. Although not specifically designed to meet business owners you can find them by using some of the following keywords:

  • Business owner
  • Founder
  • Co-Founder
  • Self-employed
  • Entrepreneurship


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