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Free images and videos for your website

When writing content it helps greatly to have a good image. This will often be the first thing people see when your article is shared on social media. If you are creating video content it is very useful to use generic videos to make your video more dynamic and engaging. 

If you search for stock video or pictures you’ll know it can be costly. If you are just starting your business you should try to keep your expenses as low as possible. It is much better to use free websites such as pixabay for pictures and pexels for free videos. In most cases you don’t even need to credit the source of the stock image or video. If it is required though, make sure you do.

Making use of the free resources available to you can greatly improve your content at no extra cost. Hopefully your better content will increase engagement and your level of sales. The only downside of using free websites is you need to spend some time looking for the image or video you want. In other circumstances you may need to compromise and use a different image or video as they specific one you need may not exist.


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