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Home Entrepreneurship #15 - Eimer Duffy - Fit Social Media

#15 – Eimer Duffy – Fit Social Media

#15 - Eimer Duffy - Fit Social Media

In this podcast we spoke to Eimer Duffy of Eimer provides support to SMEs trying to build a better online presence that people will trust. Eimer shares how she started her business and what advice she would give to others.

Comments from people who have used Eimer’s service are at the end of the podcast.


  1. Google My Business
  2. Evernote – Lists, templates hash tags
  3. Pixabay – Free images
  4. Canva – Free online design tool
  5. CutStory – Create short video for instagram stories
  6. Days of the Year – List of national days eg cappuccino day (8th Nov)


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